Premium Australian Vodka

Folly’s Vodka aims to create a vodka that surpasses all previous taste experiences. We are committed to using the finest Australian ingredients, particularly sourcing wheat from local Australian farms and premium alkaline water filtered from the Tallebudgera Valley. The result is an exceptionally smooth and premium vodka. Folly’s Vodka invites you to celebrate special moments with their exquisite spirit.

Folly’s Vodka is the brainchild of two dedicated brothers who share an unwavering commitment to excellence and an unrelenting desire to craft a spirit that transcended their own discerning palates. Drawing upon a wealth of experience amassed over a decade within the realm of hospitality, they embarked on a quest to fill a conspicuous void they perceived in the market.

Folly’s Vodka stands as a testament to our resolute dedication to sourcing only the finest Australian ingredients. Of paramount significance is our allegiance to our local community in the heart of the Gold Coast, Australia, where our journey began. 

Here, amidst the natural splendour of our homeland, we procure the highest-quality wheat from the fertile fields of Australian farms. Our prized possession, the cornerstone of our exquisite vodka, is the premium alkaline water meticulously filtered through a once volcanic catchment, nestled within the picturesque Tallebudgera Valley. The outcome? An exemplar of smoothness, an embodiment of premium quality – Folly’s Vodka.

Here’s to the celebration of great moments and finer tastes!
Savour Folly’s Vodka in style, and let the good times flow…

Premium vodka. Australian made.
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